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Preliminary results from the Local Volume Complete Cluster Survey

Presentation #512.04 in the session “Galaxy Clusters Observations”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Preliminary results from the Local Volume Complete Cluster Survey

The Local Volume Complete Cluster Survey (LoVoCCS) is an NSF’s NOIRLab survey program that is using the Dark Energy Camera (DECam) to measure the dark matter distribution and the galaxy population in 107 nearby (0.03<z<0.12) X-ray luminous (LX > 1044 erg/s) galaxy clusters that are not obscured by the Milky Way: δ<20°; r=24.5, i=24.0 with S/N=20 and complementary observations in ugz with S/N>10; the Vera C. Rubin Observatory Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) Year 1 - Year 2 depth; r extinction < 0.5 and low foreground star density. About 40% of the data has been taken (including archival observations), and the survey will complete in ~2023. We are using the LSST Science Pipelines to analyze the data. We will present the convergence maps of ~20 clusters and compare them with the distribution of member galaxies and X-ray gas. These deep exposures also enable the study of low-surface-brightness features and jellyfish galaxies. The publicly available LoVoCCS data will allow a clean comparison of faint variable objects when combined with the Rubin Observatory LSST Year 1 data.

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