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A Native Hawaiian Supporter’s View of TMT

Presentation #514.04 in the session “Education and Public Engagement III: TMT”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
A Native Hawaiian Supporter’s View of TMT

Native Hawaiian supporters of the Thirty Meter Telescope know that the TMT is an excellent project that perpetuates our culture through contribution. We believe that Mauna Kea is the perfect place, physically and cultural, for humanity’s study of the heavens. We know that every argument made by the protesters against the project are false and generally born out of a conflation of historic grievances with a project that is not related to those grievances, and even provides community benefits necessary for addressing those same issues of inadequate housing, poor health outcomes, and poor educational achievement, all the results of poverty. This talk will discuss the TMT project from the viewpoint of Imua TMT, a Native Hawaiian-led community group advocating for the construction of TMT on Mauna Kea, and explain why many Native Hawaiians support TMT. We will also debunk the protesters’ propagandist claims.

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