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Modeling Metal Production in Supernova

Presentation #522.05 in the session “Supernovae”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Modeling Metal Production in Supernova

We examine how well different supernova nucleosynthesis models are able to fit observed abundances. We test different combinations of published models for Core-Collapse Supernovae, Type-Ia Supernovae, and stellar winds to see how well they can fit solar abundance patterns and observed abundances in the Perseus Cluster. We explore how much the disagreements between different supernova models impact parameters inferred from fitting abundance measurements, such as the IMF slope and the ratio of Core-Collapse to Type-IA supernovae.  We also take into account the difference in the total number of Core-Collapse supernovae needed by different models to match observations. We will soon publish this tool on GitHub for others to use in their research.

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