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TESS Eclipsing Binary Data Validation

Presentation #530.01 in the session “Binary Stellar Systems 2”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
TESS Eclipsing Binary Data Validation

The NASA TESS mission (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite), is purposed with collecting data on stars with potential exoplanet signatures. These signatures are similar to those of eclipsing binary systems (EBs), and with a few analytical tests, we can determine a general distinction between exoplanets and EBs. We propose the alteration of LATTE (Lightcurve Analysis Tool for Transiting Exoplanets), an interactive code that provides the necessary materials to confirm a transit, in order to search for EBs. The altered code, named ICED LATTE (ICED: Interlacing Code for Eclipsing binary Data validation), consists of six tests that return a likelihood that the chosen TESS target is an EB. The tests include an odd/even transit depth test, an eclipse analysis test, an odd/even transit epoch test, an orbital period test, a centroid movement test, and an auxiliary spectroscopy test. The results are compiled in the data validation reports database that includes all TESS EB candidates. The data validation reports are available on

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