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NRAO Science Ready Data Products in the Era of ngVLA

Presentation #535.10 in the session “New Views of Galaxy Formation and Evolution”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
NRAO Science Ready Data Products in the Era of ngVLA

The Science Ready Data Products (SRDP) project recently began operations to further enable cutting-edge science from NRAO Telescopes and it is a protoype for science operations in the ngVLA era. SRDP is essential to the operation of the ngVLA because the data volumes will be too large for the current model where science-quality processing is the responsibility of the individual investigators. Thus, SRDP will enable the entire astronomical community to take advantage of the capabilities of the ngVLA based on the pipeline-based processing infrastructure developed to perform calibration and imaging for ALMA, the VLA, and the VLA Sky Survey. In the current era, SRDP is decreasing the barriers to the use of NRAO facilities by the broader astronomical community and enabling our existing users to focus more on science and less on data reduction. As such, the SRDP project is leading the development of an modern and functional archive interface to NRAO radio telescope data, both images and visibility data. The capabilities of the SRDP will be developed and rolled-out on an approximately yearly basis. The First Wave of capabilities, available NOW, include: -ALMA User-Defined Imaging -Download of calibrated visibility data for ALMA -Enhanced quality assurance for the VLA pipeline calibration (C-band and higher) -Download of calibrated visibility data for the VLA -An updated archive interface Visit to explore these capabilities.

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