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A Search for SZE halos around high-z QSOs

Presentation #538.02 in the session “AGN and Quasars 3”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
A Search for SZE halos around high-z QSOs

The thermal feedback from quasars (or quasi-stellar objects QSOs) is predicted to be sufficient to cause observable decrement in the CMB by Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect (SZE). We searched for this by examining 150 GHz continuum images of 10 QSOs at z=2.03-2.45, observed by the ALMA 12m array as part of the SUPERCOLD-CGM program. No clear detection was found around an individual object, but by stacking continuum images around surveyed QSOs, we have constrained the Compton parameter of the hot gas around these quasars. Next steps for this project will include looking for correlation between SZE and H Lyman-alpha emission from published Keck Cosmic Web Imager Integral Field Unit observations. The QSO observations presented here will allow us to probe the luminosity of thermal winds around QSOs.

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