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Remote Astronomy Labs for High School Students

Presentation #547.01 in the session “Education, Outreach, and Public Engagement”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Remote Astronomy Labs for High School Students

Remote lab work in high school astronomy classes can be a good place to integrate computational thinking when the concepts are scaffolded. Data visualization and common computational algorithms can enhance virtual work for both individuals and groups in the high school astronomy course. Here we explore some Python-based data-driven labs and labs using p5js-based computer modeling techniques for orbits and gravity. All activities are web-based and can work virtually, meaning the students only need a computer and an internet connection. These activities can be used in small group work or individually without the need for configuring software systems. The real-world applications of common astronomical data reduction techniques and computational modeling techniques will be discussed. The application of computer science pedagogical constructs are combined with best practices in virtual learning techniques.

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