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ExoCAM: A Community Climate Modeling Tool

Presentation #0602 in the session “Planetary Atmospheres”.

Published onMar 17, 2021
ExoCAM: A Community Climate Modeling Tool

In this presentation, I will briefly review the ExoCAM modeling tool. ExoCAM is an extension to the NCAR Community Earth System Model (CESM) version 1.2.1, that facilitates three-dimensional climate simulations of planetary atmospheres. Previously, ExoCAM has been used to study a wide variety of problems including paleo-Earth climates, moist greenhouse climates, the climates of TRAPPIST-1 d, e, and f, the climate of TOI-700 d, climate sensitivities of tidally locked planets to a variety of parameters, and for predicting theoretical thermal emission phase curves and transmission spectra for terrestrial M-dwarf planets. Notably, ExoCAM has recently undergone significant upgrades, including an overhaul of the radiative transfer code, the inclusion of CO2 condensation routines for surface ice and clouds, and a coupling to the CAM5 convection and cloud physics routines. ExoCAM and its accompanying radiative transfer code, ExoRT, are available on GitHub for all to use. Currently, ExoCAM is used by at least 4 independent exoclimate research teams, resulting in 28 papers, by 14 unique first authors by last count.

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