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Is there any other habitable planets in universe except Earth?

Presentation #1104 in the session “Open Engagement Session B”.

Published onMar 17, 2021
Is there any other habitable planets in universe except Earth?

Astrophysicists have already discovered about 4292 confirmed exoplanets via groundbased methods, especially via the radial velocity (RV) method. Most of these planets are much bigger than Earth, and only a few of them are rocky planets that could conceivably harbor life. Scientists are enthusiastic enough to find habitable planets to look for trace of other lives there. Optimum position is calculated at 1.08 astronomical units for an Earth-like planet at which the biosphere would realize the maximum life span. We already found earth sized planets within the habitable zones around the host star using radial velocity and transit method. Methodology to find those planets and analyzed data regarding planets’ detection method have been presented. List of potential habitable exoplanets are ranked and displayed according to distance from earth (light years). To characterize these planets, we are likely to need new space-based telescope equipped with ultra-modern technology as space missions employ the HZ to select promising targets for follow-up habitability assessment. Some conceptions regarding these telescopes and recent findings regarding potential habitable planets are discussed.

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