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Dark matter free galaxies in LCDM

Presentation #105.01 in the session “Dynamics of Dark Matter”.

Published onJun 01, 2021
Dark matter free galaxies in LCDM

It is natural to assume that in a LCDM universe, the majority of galaxies form in dark matter haloes. However, recent measurements of satellites galaxies orbiting NGC1052 suggest that some low-mass system might have little to no dark matter within their half-stellar light radius. In this talk I will unveil new results from FIREBox, a flagship cosmological simulation based on the FIRE (“Feedback In Realistic Environments”) physics model. I will report that dark matter deficiency is strongly anti-correlated with stellar mass, and mildly anti-correlated with gas fraction. I also find that, at least in the local universe, dark-matter deficient galaxies come in two flavors: (1) heavily-stripped low-mass galaxies that experienced recent strong-interactions with their hosts and (2) companions participating in low-mass gas-rich major mergers.

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