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Obliquities of exoplanet host stars

Presentation #107.06 in the session “Asynchronous Posters”.

Published onJun 01, 2021
Obliquities of exoplanet host stars

One of the surprises of exoplanetary science was that the rotation of astar need not be aligned with the revolutions of its planets. This knowledge has come from a variety of methods for measuring the stellar obliquity, the angle between a star’s spin axis and the orbital axis of one or more of its planets. Measurements of the stellar obliquity occupy the full range from nearly zero to 180 degrees, for reasons that remain debated. Here I present highlights from our recent review article (Albrecht, Dawson, and Winn) on obliquities of exoplanet hosts, highlighting key findings and how they test theories for obliquity excitation and evolution.

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