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The Galactic Halo in the Gaia Era

Presentation #402.01 in the session “How Gaia Reveals the Galaxy’s Secrets: Results on the Galactic Scale, Part 2”.

Published onJun 01, 2021
The Galactic Halo in the Gaia Era

The Gaia mission has transformed our understanding of the Milky Way halo. In this talk, I will discuss the recent progress made in Galactic halo science since the first astrometric Gaia data release and future prospects. This includes the discovery and characterization of the last massive merger event (i.e. Gaia-Enceladus), the influence of the latest accretion event (i.e. the LMC) on the Galactic halo, and the first accurate measures of the stellar and dark matter content of the Milky Way halo.

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