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Evolution Of The Mass-size Relation In Clusters At z = 1.5–2

Presentation #109.02 in the session “Large Scale Structure”.

Published onJun 18, 2021
Evolution Of The Mass-size Relation In Clusters At z = 1.5–2

Clusters at redshifts 1.5<z<2 present unique medium to study the conversion of their galaxy population from blue starbursts into massive, mostly quiescent objects. Here we present the results of CARLA survey (Clusters Around Radio-Loud AGN) contributing to this field of research.We study 16 most reliable structures from CARLA survey ranging from z=1.35 to z=2 with one outlying cluster at z=2.8 using HST F160W and Spitzer channel 1 & 2 imaging. The IR imaging is used to trace the masses of individual galaxies while HST F160W images are fed to GALAPAGOS routine to determine effective radii.

Based on these data we construct the mass-size relation (MSR) for all the clusters and present our results: the evolution of the MSR for active and quiescent galaxies in cluster environment with redshift. We also examine the extreme objects in studied clusters: compact galaxies with Re < 0.3 Kpc and giant quiescent galaxies with Re > 5 Kpc, and speculate on their evolutionary paths up to modern times.

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