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The Hosts of X-Ray Absorption Lines Toward AGNs

Presentation #116.05 in the session “LSS, Intergalactic Medium, and QSO Absorption Line Systems”.

Published onJun 18, 2021
The Hosts of X-Ray Absorption Lines Toward AGNs

Quasar absorption line studies have revealed most baryonic matter exists in gaseous form and can be found in structures such as galactic halos and the low-density intergalactic medium. In order to study matter in this form, it is necessary for upcoming X-ray spectroscopy missions like Athena, Arcus, or Lynx to obtain absorption line systems of blazar background sources. In this study, we identify the most likely galaxies and galaxy groups to host absorption systems in the priority fields that X-ray missions will observe according to their magnitude and physical proximity to the background blazar. We systematically cover 16 sources, separating hosts into those that have measured redshifts and those that require them.

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