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PHANGS-ALMA: Arcsecond CO Imaging Of Nearby Galaxies

Presentation #124.06 in the session “Galaxies”.

Published onJun 18, 2021
PHANGS-ALMA: Arcsecond CO Imaging Of Nearby Galaxies

We present PHANGS-ALMA, an ALMA spectroscopic imaging survey of CO 2-1 emission from 90 nearby galaxies. PHANGS-ALMA achieves ~1” resolution, corresponding to < 150 pc (median 100 pc), and achieves resolution and sensitivity to characterize individual massive molecular clouds. PHANGS-ALMA is designed to measure the demographics and life cycle of individual star forming regions, the efficiency of star formation and stellar feedback, and the self-regulation of galaxy disks. I will describe the survey, report on the public release of software and data products, and give an overview of the science program.

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