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Network Jets As The Driver Of Counter-streaming Flows In A Solar Filament

Presentation #205.06 in the session “Solar Physics Division (SPD): Corona & ARs and Photosphere/Chromosphere”.

Published onJun 18, 2021
Network Jets As The Driver Of Counter-streaming Flows In A Solar Filament

We investigate the driving mechanism of counter-streaming flows in a solar filament, using EUV images from SDO/AIA, line of sight magnetograms from SDO/HMI, IRIS SJ images, and H-alpha data from GONG. We find that: (i) persistent counter-streaming flows along adjacent threads of a small (100” long) solar filament is present; (ii) both ends of the solar filament are rooted at the edges of magnetic network flux lanes; (iii) recurrent small-scale jets (also known as network jets) occur at both ends of the filament; (iv) some of the network jets occur at the sites of flux cancelation between the majority-polarity flux and merging minority-polarity flux patches; (v) these multiple network jets clearly drive the counter-streaming flows along the adjacent threads of the solar filament for ~2 hours with an average speed of 70 km s-1; (vi) some the network jets show base brightenings, analogous to the base brightenings of coronal jets; and (vii) the filament appears wider (4”) in EUV images than in H-alpha images (2.5”), consistent with previous studies. Thus, our observations show that counter-streaming flows in the filament are driven by network jets and possibly these driving network jet eruptions are prepared and triggered by flux cancelation.

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