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A Multiwavelength Exploration Of Galex And Kepler Flares

Presentation #208.02 in the session “Stars I”.

Published onJun 18, 2021
A Multiwavelength Exploration Of Galex And Kepler Flares

Flares are the most dramatic energy release events that cool stars will experience while on the main sequence. A result of magnetic reconnection events, they are found on all solar-like stars to varying degrees. I will present the results of our multiwavelength study of flares found in data from the GALEX (NUV) and Kepler (optical) missions. Multi-wavelength measurements enable estimation of the flare increase at NUV wavelengths for flares without NUV measurements and vice versa. I discuss our exploration of flare rates for the same body of stars when observed in the optical vs NUV wavebands, and our search for Kepler counterparts to the GALEX flares described in Brasseur et al. 2019. I will present our evidence of excess emission in the UV, the limitations we have been able to place on flare energy fractionation between optical and UV, and possible physical mechanisms behind these results.

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