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2MASS1631: A merging galaxy triple hosting a potential dual AGN

Presentation #209.08 in the session “AGN and Quasars I”.

Published onJun 18, 2021
2MASS1631: A merging galaxy triple hosting a potential dual AGN

Galaxy mergers play a major role both in the evolution of the universe and the development of galaxies themselves, and our own Milky Way galaxy is the product of multiple major and minor mergers. Furthermore, the process of merging can produce AGN activity as well as a very large range of morphologies. In this presentation, we detail observations and analysis from ALMA and VLA (radio), optical (VLT/MUSE), NIR (Keck/OSIRIS), and x-ray (Chandra) of a triple merger at z=0.059 that exhibits multiple aspects not normally encountered in a single system. Close dual AGN behavior, at a separation of 2.5” (2.8 kpc), with optical Seyfert characteristics for the southernmost core, and LINER emission from the other, is seen. Additionally, the LINER core shows CO 2-1 emission while the Seyfert core has continuum radio emission. The third core shows evidence of being a dwarf galaxy with no AGN activity. A tidal stream of ionized gas (with emission in H-alpha, as well as several forbidden lines) traces part of the merger, and provides insight into the system dynamics, indicating the third core may have already passed in close proximity to the other merging cores. Emission-line-derived velocities of the central and northern cores show receding velocities of 120 km/s and 20 km/s, respectively. Analysis is ongoing and additional observations will further clarify system characteristics.

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