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The Characterization of EZ CMa (WR6)

Presentation #215.08 in the session “Binary Stellar Systems I”.

Published onJun 18, 2021
The Characterization of EZ CMa (WR6)

Recently, it has been suggested that the variability of the bright WN4 star EZ CMa (WR 6, HD 50896) that has a period of 3.7 d could be attributed to a close binary system with some eccentricity and fast apsidal motion with a period of only ~100 d. Past analyses have attributed this variability to large-scale wind structures from a single star with a rotational period of 3.7 d. We began observations with the CTIO 1.5 m telescope and the high-resolution CHIRON spectrograph to look for radial velocity shifts that could be attributed to the orbital motion. Alternatively, we may find that the variability is attributable to large-scale wind structures. In this iposter, we will present the first analysis of a subset of these data, which cover 5 months of time with two-week intervals of data collection and similar duration gaps between the observation runs.

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