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Chandra X-ray Galaxy Catalog

Presentation #216.07 in the session “Space Based Instrumentation and Catalogs”.

Published onJun 18, 2021
Chandra X-ray Galaxy Catalog

We present the first results of the Chandra X-ray Galaxy Catalog (XGC) utilizing the Chandra CSC2 catalog and other all-sky surveys. The XGC will be the most extensive of its kind, including ~10,000 normal (non-AGN) galaxies with related multiwavelength all-sky data from radio to X-ray. We apply multiple catalog information simultaneously – X-ray luminosities, X-ray to optical flux ratios, WISE IR color, etc. together in order to build a clean galaxy sample with the least possible source contamination. The XGC will be made publicly available and will be used to revisit X-ray scaling relations of galaxies, measure their X-ray luminosity functions (XLFs), and investigate these properties across mass, redshift, and morphological type.

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