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Resource Guides For Astronomy Educators (and Their Students)

Presentation #226.05 in the session “Education, Outreach, and Public Engagement”.

Published onJun 18, 2021
Resource Guides For Astronomy Educators (and Their Students)

The present author has been producing resource guides (annotated listings of readings, web pages, and audio-visual materials) on different astronomical topics for several decades. These have been listed on the websites of the ASP, the AAS, NASA, and other organizations. Recent guides are more heavily weighted toward free material available on the web. New or newly updated guides in the series include: 1) Black Lives in Astronomy (featuring material on the lives and work of 26 Black astronomers; 2) This Day in Astronomical History (with 158 events you can celebrate in the classroom); 3) Light Pollution, Radio Interference, and Satellite Swarms; 4) Science Fiction with Good Astronomy (organized by astronomical topic); 5) Astronomy and Humor; 6) Doing Astronomy Education and Outreach When You Can’t Go Out; 7) Responding to Astronomical Pseudo-science; 8) Plays and Films Inspired by Astronomy. Each of these now has a short URL for easy access. The talk will discuss how these are being made available.

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