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Stellar Merger Simulations with Octo-Tiger

Presentation #231.06 in the session “Binary Stellar Systems II”.

Published onJun 18, 2021
Stellar Merger Simulations with Octo-Tiger

We present results from recent simulations we have conducted with Octo-Tiger. In this status report update, we report results including double white dwarf mergers that may be progenitors of the unusual R Coronae Borealis stars and stellar mergers in contact systems that proceed via the Darwin instability. We compare our results from Octo-Tiger to the results form other codes such as Flow-er in addition to scrutinizing simulation results as additional levels of refinement are included in the evolution. We also explore the computational performance of Octo-Tiger in these production simulations. Because Octo-Tiger uses HPX to run in parallel, the code is able to scale to run large problems on tens of thousands of cores.

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