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DOIs in the PDS and Beyond

Presentation #410.08 in the session “Education and Community Engagement”. Cross-listed as presentation #507.08.

Published onOct 03, 2021
DOIs in the PDS and Beyond

DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) are a key component of establishing an archive that meets the FAIR Data Principles ( DOIs, and more specifically the public metadata associated with the DOI, provide a permanent identifier that can be resolved without prior knowledge of where the data reside, supply descriptive metadata for discovery and access, and support citation of research data products on par with the traditional research literature.

The Planetary Data System (PDS) is an archive established by NASA for the express purpose of ensuring the accessibility and usability of data resulting from its planetary science program. PDS has recently established procedures for the routine assignment of DOIs to incoming archival data. But obtaining a DOI is not an end in itself — it is an enabling technology that provides the necessary hook for connecting research data products like the PDS archive data sets to the greater body of scientific knowledge. Gathering and documenting rich metadata for archival data products presents some challenges, but the potential rewards for creators, funders, and the PDS itself are substantial. This iPoster presentation will show DOIs in action in the PDS archive and in the wider publishing world, demonstrate how DOIs and their metadata improve the FAIRness of the PDS archives, and suggest ways in which the PDS can capitalize on the possibilities presented by the DOI, and more importantly, its associated metadata.

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