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Time-dependent photoionisation modeling of AGN outflows

Presentation #106.10 in the session “AGN (Poster)”.

Published onApr 01, 2022
Time-dependent photoionisation modeling of AGN outflows

AGN outflows are considered a promising candidate for the driver of feedback on large scales, and yet without information of the density of these outflows, we cannot determine how much kinetic power the outflows are imparting on the surrounding medium. In order to determine the outflow density, we have developed a new self-consistent time-dependent photoionization model that will measure the recombination timescale of the outflow, which highly depends on the outflow density. In this talk, I will present our new model, TPHO, which computes the energy and ionization balance of the plasma in its full time-dependent form. The synergy between TPHO and time-resolved X-ray spectroscopy enables us to accurately measure the response of the ionized outflow to variations in the illuminating continuum, and thus derive more reliable results on the density and location of the ionized outflows than currently possible with other models. In addition to describing the physics of the TPHO model, I will present new results on applying this model to a recent Large XMM-Newton campaign of the NLS1 AGN Mrk 335 taken in July 2021.

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