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Spectral Signatures of MHD-driven Ultra-Fast Outflows in Seyfert AGNs

Presentation #106.19 in the session “AGN (Poster)”.

Published onApr 01, 2022
Spectral Signatures of MHD-driven Ultra-Fast Outflows in Seyfert AGNs

We explore spectral signatures of the predicted multi-ion UFOs in the broadband AGN X-ray spectra by exploiting an accretion disk wind model in the context of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) framework. We are focused primarily on examining the UFO dependences on a number of key physical properties; i.e. (1) inclination θ, (2) X-ray photon index Γ, (3) optical/UV strength αOX, (4) wind density gradient along a line of sight p and (5) Eddington ratio λE. Considering primarily radio-quiet Seyferts and quasars, multi-ion UFO spectra are systematically calculated as a function of these fiducial parameters to show that MHD-driven UFOs are likely to imprint a unique asymmetric absorption line profile with a pronounced blue tail structure towards higher energy in many cases. Such a distinct line signature, being almost generic to MHD disk winds due to the intrinsic wind kinematics, might be utilized as a diagnostic proxy to potentially differentiate leading driving processes among thermally-driven, UV line-driven and MHD-driven scenarios. We also demonstrate a high fidelity of microcalorimeter observations in anticipation of the upcoming XRISM/Resolve and Athena/X-IFU data by performing spectral simulations.

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