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A Search for Obscured AGNs in Dwarf Galaxies

Presentation #106.22 in the session “AGN (Poster)”.

Published onApr 01, 2022
A Search for Obscured AGNs in Dwarf Galaxies

Detecting AGN in dwarf galaxies is challenging due to their smaller central black hole mass. As such, typical AGN luminosities indicators usually suffer from severe host galaxy contaminations and thus making the search for X-ray obscured AGNs in dwarf galaxies extremely difficult. We report a recent study of NuSTAR observations for a dwarf galaxy J144013+024744, which has confirmed mid-IR high-excitation lines from Spitzer IRS observations such as [OIV]. The X-ray spectral analysis using physical models for this object has revealed the presence of a Compton Thin obscuring medium, suggesting that typical AGN torus models might be applicable to AGNs in dwarf galaxies, and the combination of mid-IR high excitation lines and hard X-ray observations can effectively identify obscured AGNs in dwarf galaxies that are otherwise elusive.

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