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Modelling X-ray reverberation lags in AGN

Presentation #106.28 in the session “AGN (Poster)”.

Published onApr 01, 2022
Modelling X-ray reverberation lags in AGN

Supermassive black holes in an active accretion mode display characteristic features that result from reprocessing of hard X-ray photons by the accretion disk. Spectral analysis shows distortions of the spectral features due to the relativistic effects close to the black hole, while timing analysis probes time lags due to the different path length covered by photons from the primary source and those which are reflected off the accretion disk. The former constrains the geometry of the system, but it is independent of the mass. The latter depends on the mass since it sets the scale of the system. We developed a model that simultaneously constrains all these characteristics self-consistently. We applied our new spectral-timing model (reltrans) to a sample of Seyfert galaxies fitting the flux-energy spectrum and the reverberation lags as a function of energy. We show that the constraints derived from the usual spectral fitting change once we consider the timing properties of the system. We demonstrate that this simultaneous spectral and timing fit is sensitive to the mass of the black hole, and we compare our results with independent measurements.

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