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A Search for Inverse Compton Scattering in MACSJ0717

Presentation #107.41 in the session “ISM/Galaxies/Clusters (Poster)”.

Published onApr 01, 2022
A Search for Inverse Compton Scattering in MACSJ0717

The most energetic events in the Universe since the Big Bang have been the merging of 2 galaxy clusters. In rare cases, such as with MACSJ0717, 4 subclusters have been observed to be undergoing a merger. This produces a complex merger structure with very hot (T > 20 keV) gas, only observed in clusters containing shocks with high Mach number shocks (M > 2) such as the Bullet Cluster and Abell 665. While Chandra measurements have been performed on this cluster, the constraints placed on this hot gas are inconclusive. NuSTAR’s ability to probe into the hard X-ray band provides better constraints on this temperature, as well as an opportunity to constrain potential Inverse Compton (IC) scattering that may occur from the reacceleration of electrons by the shock front. In this talk, I will describe how we use NuSTAR to analyze this cluster and provide constraints on the hot temperature region of interest as well as use the IC flux limit to determine the lower limit of the magnetic field strength of the cluster.

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