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Progress in Realizing Adjustable X-ray Optics

Presentation #108.04 in the session “Missions and Instruments (Poster)”.

Published onApr 01, 2022
Progress in Realizing Adjustable X-ray Optics

An X-ray observatory with exquisite angular resolution and high effective area would tackle a host of outstanding problems in high energy astrophysics. One potential method of realizing such a telescope is to fabricate adjustable X-ray optics – mirrors with actuators capable of correcting the optic’s figure through use of piezoelectric actuators.

In this work, we present progress in making adjustable X-ray optics with lead titanate zirconate (PZT) actuators. We have manufactured a prototype paraboloidal optic with a system focal length of 8.4 m with 288 cells measuring 5 mm X 5 mm. Cell voltages are set using computer control, applied through anisotropic conductive film bonded flexible cables, and routed to the piezoelectric cell using thin film wires atop and and vias through an insulating film on the back surface. Furthermore, we discuss our experiments on silicon substrates and in realizing a stress-compensated optic, which will maximize the correction range of the optic.

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