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ComPair Silicon Tracker

Presentation #108.20 in the session “Missions and Instruments (Poster)”.

Published onApr 01, 2022
ComPair Silicon Tracker

ComPair, a prototype of the All-sky Medium Energy Gamma-ray Observatory (AMEGO), is a balloon borne project that is currently under development. AMEGO will be optimized for using both Compton and pair production to detect photons for a continuum sensitivity across a broad energy range~0.2 MeV to ~10GeV. It consists of four major subsystems. Plastic anti-coincidence detector to reject cosmic ray events. Silicon tracker to measure the position and energy . A Cadmium-Zinc-Telluride (CZT) calorimeter to detect the Compton scattered photons. And a Cesium Iodide (CSI) calorimeter for measuring the high energy pair events. The prototype ComPair is being built to advance and validate the hardware and software tools used in AMEGO and uses the same four subsystems at a smaller scale.

The silicon tracker subsystem of ComPair consists of 10 detector layers. The core of each layer consists of double sided strip silicon detectors (DSSDs) (10cm x 10cm x 0.5mm each) from Micron Semiconductors. Each of the two sides of the DSSDs consists of 192 strips and the DDSDs are arranged perpendicularly to give a x and y position for an interaction. The DSSDs along with its 12 ASICS, a FPGA and the supplementary electronics forms the individual detector layers. This poster will focus on the Silicon tracker subsystem, its components, development and performance.

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