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Diffuse X-rays from the Local Galaxy (DXL-4)

Presentation #108.22 in the session “Missions and Instruments (Poster)”.

Published onApr 01, 2022
Diffuse X-rays from the Local Galaxy (DXL-4)

DXL (Diffuse X-rays from the Local galaxy) is a sounding rocket mission consisting of a series of launches designed to disentangle the relative contributions of the Local Hot Bubble (LHB) and Solar Wind Charge eXchange (SWCX) from the Diffuse X-ray Background (DXB). DXL has been successfully launched twice from White Sands Missile Range, measuring the compound cross section of SWCX with neutral He and quantifying the relative contribution of LHB and SWCX to the ROSAT R1-R7 Bands and Wisconsin C, B, and Be bands. Preparation for the next launch from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia is nearly complete, with an expected launch date of January 2022. The primary focus of the launch is to measure the compound cross section with neutral H, by studying the spatial signature of the SWCX from Earth’s Cusps. Here, we will present preliminary results from the launch. The additional cross-section will allow us to build a more complete model of SWCX across space and time to aid in the analysis of X-ray observations.

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