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On The Stellar Wind Of The Wolf-Rayet Star in IC 10 X-1

Presentation #110.18 in the session “Stellar/Compact (Poster)”.

Published onApr 01, 2022
On The Stellar Wind Of The Wolf-Rayet Star in IC 10 X-1

We studied how the stellar wind is affected by the black hole’s accretion flow in IC 10 X-1 and similar WR+BH HMXB systems, the origin and evolution of the He ii 4686 emission line, and its credibility in determining the binary parameters. IC 10 X-1 has been one of the major targets to many GEMINI observations spanning 2001-19. Presented herein is the analysis of 52 spectra from the GEMINI/GMOS archive. We have used the phase-wise stacked spectra to create an RV curve from the He II 4686 emission line, and it shows similar behavior to previous studies(i.e quarter phase offset from x-ray eclipse). Unlike the RV the equivalent width and FWHM show variation over both phases and time, also we observed a correlation between these values and the x-ray hardness ratios. The skewness values also showed a similar behavior as the RV curve which contributes to the major physics revealed in this work. Ultimately, our results point to the fact – that the He II line tracks the stellar wind not the stellar orbital motion. This system belongs to a group of systems that can be the progenitors of gravitational wave sources i.e NS+NS, BH+BH, or NS+BH hence proper understanding of systems like IC 10 X-1 is of paramount interest.

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