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Magnetic-Driving Of Polar UFOs In MAXI J1348-630

Presentation #110.29 in the session “Stellar/Compact (Poster)”.

Published onApr 01, 2022
Magnetic-Driving Of Polar UFOs In MAXI J1348-630

MAXI J1348-630 is among the transient black hole X-ray binaries (BH XRBs) that were discovered by MAXI showing a canonical q-shaped hysteresis through its intensity-hardness evolution. The source was also observed by NuSTAR during its full outburst cycle in 2019 recording X-ray data from 6 different epochs. A careful spectral analysis suggests the presence of strong reflection component from the accretion disk of high density (n ~ 1020 cm-3) with low inclination of 20-30 degrees. Interestingly, the continuum residual also shows a possible ionized absorber at 7.3 keV potentially corresponding to the ultra-fast outflows (UFOs) at velocity of v/c ~ 0.05. If confirmed, this will be an unusual non-equatorial UFO and such a polar UFO can be magnetically launched. In this presentation, we will introduce our preliminary analysis of the observed multi-epoch UFOs in MAXI J1348-630 in the context of magnetic-driving scenario.

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