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A Multi Domain Study of Major Flaring in the Microquasar Cygnus X-3

Presentation #110.80 in the session “Stellar/Compact (Poster)”.

Published onApr 01, 2022
A Multi Domain Study of Major Flaring in the Microquasar Cygnus X-3

In 2021 Cygnus X-3 went into an extended quenched/hypersoft state. In mid-October Cygnus X-3 emerged from the quenched state with a series of hard X-ray flares (8 flares each with a 3-4 day duration) with accompanying gamma-ray and radio (reaching 10 Jy) emission. At the end of this outburst, approximately a month in duration, Cygnus X-3 returned to a quenched state. This behavior is remarkable similar to an outburst that occurred in 2006. During this outburst we did a multi domain study (wavelength, time, polarization) of Cygnus X-3. This included X-ray (NICER, MAXI), submillimeter (SMA), radio (AMI-LA, RATAN-600), and gamma-ray (Fermi, AGILE). There were two striking set of observations. One were a set of NICER observations which for the first time show an observations for which there is evidence for a redshifted Fe line. In addition we had performed two long (6-8 hour) SMA observations at 230.538 GHz with full polarization. During these SMA observations there were several flares between 1-4.5 Jy. In this presentation we will discuss the the analysis of the NICER observations and results of SMA polarization study.

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