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Collisionless black hole accretion

Presentation #110.97 in the session “Stellar/Compact (Poster)”.

Published onApr 01, 2022
Collisionless black hole accretion

The accretion flows around the black holes in Sgr A*, M87, and other systems are believed to be strongly magnetized and collisionless. Theoretical models thus in principle require a fully kinetic general relativistic (GR) approach. We study axisymmetric accretion of collisionless plasma black holes using GR particle-in-cell simulations (GRPIC). By doing so, we conduct a side-by-side comparison of global dynamics in GR magnetohydrodynamic simulations and GRPIC. We also examine the production of non-thermal particles due to magnetic reconnection. We discuss the implications of our results for event-horizon scale observations of Sgr A* and M87 by GRAVITY and the Event Horizon Telescope.

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