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The STROBE-X Mission Concept and Its Science Potential

Presentation #111.21 in the session “Time Domain Astrophysics (Poster)”.

Published onApr 01, 2022
The STROBE-X Mission Concept and Its Science Potential

The STROBE-X mission concept consists of three instruments. Two of these are pointed instruments, a Large Area Detector working at medium to hard X-rays with collecting area and spectral resolution roughly 10 times those of RXTE, and an X-ray Concentrator Array working at soft X-rays with collecting area of about 10 times NICER’s. The other is a Wide Field Monitor, with solid angle coverage roughly 10 times that of the BeppoSax Wide Field Camera. This combination of instruments allows discovery and follow-up of both traditional classes of X-ray transients and new classes of multi-messenger sources. The large collecting area has unique potential for allowing estimates of the spins of black holes and radii of neutron stars, using several techniques, each with independent systematics. Finally, the mission has the capability of executing a broad portfolio of astronomy, from solar system objects like comets to high redshift blazars, and a variety of topics in between.

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