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First results on Active Galactic Nuclei from eROSITA

Presentation #201.02 in the session “eROSITA’s First View on Hot Baryons of the Universe”.

Published onApr 01, 2022
First results on Active Galactic Nuclei from eROSITA

Accreting supermassive black holes in active galactic nuclei (AGN) constitute the most numerous class of sources detected by eROSITA. The high sensitivity and large field of view of the instrument, combined with the all-sky survey scanning pattern of the SRG mission, provide a number of advantages compared to previous AGN surveys. For example, the very large sample sizes provided by eROSITA enable statistical studies of AGN which are not limit by small numbers. They also yield significant samples of the rarest objects, e.g. at high luminosity and accretion rate, and in both the very distant and very nearby Universe, where prior surveys cover small effective volumes. The first results from eROSITA have confirmed the potential to open up new windows in studies of both AGN demographics and accretion physics. The first results on AGN from eROSITA will be reviewed, predominantly arising from the eFEDS performance verification field, and the first all sky survey (eRASS1). While eROSITA is fulfilling its expected promise in terms of AGN surveys, several surprising results have emerged, not least in the time domain, due to the distinctive temporal sampling pattern provided by the survey.

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