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Tracing Baryons in Clusters of Galaxies with eROSITA

Presentation #201.03 in the session “eROSITA’s First View on Hot Baryons of the Universe”.

Published onApr 01, 2022
Tracing Baryons in Clusters of Galaxies with eROSITA

Clusters of galaxies trace the highest peaks in the cosmic density field and offer an independent and powerful probe of the growth of structure. The final eROSITA All-Sky Survey catalog with more than 100,000 clusters will map the large-scale structure and put us on the verge of a breakthrough in precision measurements of the cosmological parameters. The performance verification survey eFEDS, at the depth of the final All-Sky Survey, has provided a sneak preview of rich cluster science that will be achieved by eROSITA. I will review the eFEDS results on cluster science published in the early A&A Special Issue. I will also present initial results on the properties of clusters of galaxies detected in the first All-Sky survey.

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