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eROSITA Observations of Transient Sources

Presentation #201.04 in the session “eROSITA’s First View on Hot Baryons of the Universe”.

Published onApr 01, 2022
eROSITA Observations of Transient Sources

During its four year long All Sky Survey, the eROSITA instrument on Spectrum-X-Gamma will perform the deepest all sky survey of the X-ray (0.2-8 keV) sky. The survey consists of a total of eight scans of the whole celestial sphere, which last six months each. Each survey is designed as a slew survey where the Spectrum-X-Gamma probe rotates with a period of four hours around an axis that is (roughly) pointing at the Sun while the probe moves around the L2-point of the Sun-Earth System. Due to eROSITA’s large field of view of 1.03 degrees, sources are visible during multiple of such rotations for about 40s each. As a result, eROSITA will also be able to measure the flux evolution of several million sources on a hourly, and semi-annual cadence, as well as discover new transient sources.

In this presentation I will present initial results on transient phenomena that were found during the first four eROSITA All Sky Surveys, covering source classes from stars, novae, galactic X-ray binaries, to tidal disruption events, active galactic nuclei, and gamma-ray burst afterglows.

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