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Active Galaxies at Very High Energy

Presentation #205.03 in the session “50 Years of Gamma-Ray Observations at the Whipple Observatory”.

Published onApr 01, 2022
Active Galaxies at Very High Energy

Active Galaxies are well-known as extremely multi-wavelength objects, emitting across the entire electromagnetic spectrum. At Very High Energies (VHE; > 500 GeV) jetted AGN in particular are the dominant source class outside the galactic plane. Indeed, most AGN emit a large fraction if not most of their total energy in the GeV-TeV band. Although the advent of Fermi and the rise of the second-generation IACTs has greatly expanded our catalog of well-characterized objects at gamma-ray energies, many mysteries remain. I will briefly review the major accomplishments and discoveries on AGN (with a focus on the VERITAS observatory), and follow with a discussion of the major open questions remaining and the promise of new observatories (CTA and a possible MeV mission) in answering them.

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