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Observations of Blazars and Radio Galaxies with IXPE

Presentation #301.04 in the session “First Results and Future Prospects from the Imaging X-ray Polarization Explorer (IXPE)”.

Published onApr 01, 2022
Observations of Blazars and Radio Galaxies with IXPE

IXPE has begun its first year of observations that will measure the linear polarization of energetic cosmic phenomena. This talk will discuss prospects for IXPE observations of selected radio-loud active galactic nuclei with sufficiently strong X-ray emission. During year 1, Cen A and a number of quasars and BL Lac objects are expected to be observed with IXPE, alongside X-ray spectral determinations from Swift, NuSTAR, and XMM-Newton data, optical and uv flux measurements with the Swift UVOT, optical and millimeter-wave flux and polarization observations with ground-based telescopes, and gamma-ray flux and continuum spectra obtained from the Fermi LAT and atmospheric Cherenkov detectors. The polarization observations will strongly constrain the dominant particle acceleration mechanism in the relativistic jets of blazars and radio galaxies. For blazars with relatively flat X-ray spectra, the polarization can potentially determine the X-ray emission process. Community involvement with multi-wavelength observations is welcome. If approved, a future guest investigator program will provide opportunities for the members of the community to devise and carry out their own programs.

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