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The XRISM Guest Observer and Early Release Science Programs

Presentation #402.03 in the session “Science with XRISM: Mission Status Update”.

Published onApr 01, 2022
The XRISM Guest Observer and Early Release Science Programs

The XRISM Guest Observer (GO) program will allow community access to XRISM observations. After the end of the six-month Performance Verification (PV) phase, essentially all XRISM observations will be selected competitively through the GO program. Approximately 44 percent of the GO time will be made available to NASA-selected observers. The first call for proposals will be released simultaneously by NASA, JAXA, and ESA approximately 2-3 months after launch; one year of observing time will be awarded. NASA will provide funding for US investigators. In order to allow fuller understanding of Resolve results, the XRISM Guest Observer Program will also allow supporting atomic physics investigations, either experimental or theoretical, as supplements to observing proposals. After XRISM’s commissioning and prior to the calibration and PV phases (approximately 3 months after launch), a small number of Early Release Science observations will be performed. Limited data from these observations will be released before the cycle 1 GO proposals are due, with the goal of familiarizing the community with XRISM’s capabilities.

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