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Rapid Dynamical Chaos in a Short Period Multi-planet System

Presentation #302.04 in the session Dynamical Interactions in Multi-Planet Systems.

Published onApr 25, 2022
Rapid Dynamical Chaos in a Short Period Multi-planet System

The long-term dynamical evolution of the solar system is known to be stochastic, with a characteristic Lyapunov time scale of ~5 Myr. Over the course of the last decade, the tally of chaotic planetary systems has grown, with detailed characterization of orbital evolution of the GJ876 and Kepler-36 systems revealing chaotic phenomenon on ~decadal timescales. In this work, we quantify the dynamics of the seemingly benign architecture of the TOI-125 planetary system which is characterized by eccentricities that are unusually large for a short period super-Earth multi-planetary system. We quantify the dynamics of this system using N-body simulations and find that both the MEGNO and Lyapunov chaos indicators reveal that this system exhibits rapid dynamical chaos. Additionally, we consider long term implications of tidal evolution and its effects on the large-scale architecture of this remarkable system.

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