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β Pic from space: HST coronography

Presentation #102.198 in the session Poster Session.

Published onJun 20, 2022
β Pic from space: HST coronography

The β Pictoris disk is one of the most studied objects in the field of debris disks. Due to its brightness and close distance it is one of the best targets to study planetary system architecture. We know from the literature this star is surrounded by a number of interesting components: dust, gas, planets(2) and small bodies, including exocomets. Particularly, its dust component shows an inner tilted disk, that could be related to the presence of the planet β Pic b, and even some assymetries in the dust distribution of the main disk.

In preparation for JWST data (GTO program 1411), we present here a revisit of archival coronography data from HST in visual wavelengths, that allows to investigate the brigthness and color at different distances from the star, revealing the distribution of the fine dust. We include both new reductions and previously published data for this comprehensive study, using data from all the available instruments on HST: ACS, NICMOS, STIS and WFC3.

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