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A Homogeneous Population of TESS Planets Orbiting Subgiant Stars

Presentation #102.271 in the session Poster Session.

Published onJun 20, 2022
A Homogeneous Population of TESS Planets Orbiting Subgiant Stars

The subgiant branch is a rapid phase in stellar evolution, which enables the precise determination of fundamental properties like stellar mass, radius and age. Therefore for subgiant hosts, the transient population of planets with precise ages is an ideal sample to test and investigate various post-main-sequence dynamical theories, especially those induced by stellar evolution. Here we present a homogeneous population of TESS planets orbiting subgiant stars that have been extensively followed up with Keck/HIRES as part of the TESS-Keck Survey. Comprising ~20 transiting TESS planets ranging from sub-Neptunes to gas giants, we find evidence for new non-transiting planets in ~half of the systems. Additionally, several targets in our sample have sufficient phase coverage to determine the underlying eccentricity distribution, which we then use to constrain timescales for evolutionary pathways like inward migration and circularization. Finally, with host star masses ranging from ~1-1.8 solar masses, we explore correlations of bulk planet properties with stellar mass and metallicity.

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