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Three warm Jupiters around Solar twins from the WINE survey

Presentation #102.385 in the session Poster Session.

Published onJun 20, 2022
Three warm Jupiters around Solar twins from the WINE survey

We present the discovery and characterization of three new giant planets TOI-2524 b, TOI-2416 b, TOI-2373 b around Sun-like stars. These discoveries were made in the context of the Warm gIaNts with tEss (WINE) collaboration, which focuses on the systematic characterization of TESS transiting warm (10 d < P < 300 d) Jovian mass planets. The three planetary systems have been identified by WINE from the TESS Full Frame Images and were validated with FEROS radial velocity measurements. The planetary radii are typical for Jovian planets in the range of 0.95 RJup < RPl < 1.19 RJup, and have masses of 0.65 MJup, 3.0 MJup, and 9.3 MJup for TOI-2524 b, TOI-2416 b, and TOI-2373 b, respectively. Due to their close orbits of 0.073 to 0.111 au and corresponding equilibrium temperatures of 858.3 to 1101.11 K, these planets are located in the sparsely populated transition zone between hot and warm Jupiters, where TOI-2373 b is especially massive (m = 9.3 ± 0.2 MJup), making it the most massive planet in this orbital region around Sun-like G stars. These three new exoplanets are thus well-suited laboratories to test theories of planet formation, orbital migration and to constrain inflation mechanisms.

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