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Characterization of Single-transit TESS Warm Jupiters with NEID

Presentation #107.03 in the session Radial Velocity 1.

Published onJun 20, 2022
Characterization of Single-transit TESS Warm Jupiters with NEID

TESS has detected hundreds of warm Jupiter exoplanet candidates, a significant fraction of which are observed to transit only a single time. While these single-transit warm Jupiters are often more difficult to confirm and characterize given their unconstrained periods, their location in mass-orbit parameter space makes them enticing targets for follow-up observations, as they can serve as ideal test cases for models of planetary system formation and evolution. Here, we present the first results of a radial velocity follow-up survey of TESS single-transit exoplanet candidates with the NEID spectrograph. We describe the current status of the survey, highlighting the discovery and characterization of the high-eccentricity warm Jupiter TOI-4127b. We also outline survey strategy recommendations for radial velocity observations of single-transit exoplanets candidates.

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