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Roman Coronagraph Instrument Overview

Presentation #502.05 in the session Future 2.

Published onJun 20, 2022
Roman Coronagraph Instrument Overview

The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope (Roman) Coronagraph Instrument is a high-contrast imager and spectrograph that will enable the study of gas giant exoplanets and circumstellar disks at visible wavelengths. Future flagship mission concepts aim to image Earth analogues with visible light flux ratios below 10-10, and the Coronagraph Instrument is a critical intermediate step toward that goal, with predicted capability of 10-8 or better. The Coronagraph will have ~3 months of observing time during the first 18 months of the mission (its “tech demo phase”) to demonstrate its technology objectives and to determine whether its as-built performance justifies additional science observing time during the remainder of the mission. This talk will present an overview of the Coronagraph Instrument, its build status, its operational plans, and the potential exoplanet and circumstellar disk science that could be carried out during the technology demonstration phase and beyond.

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