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SN 2020xpo: A luminous and linear Type IIn supernova

Presentation #104.09 in the session Type Ia Supernovae — iPoster Session.

Published onJun 29, 2022
SN 2020xpo: A luminous and linear Type IIn supernova

This paper presents the photometric study of SN 2020xpo, a Type IIn supernova (SN IIn) with a steady rise and decline in its light curve, hosted by an apparently faint galaxy in the constellation Cetus. We qualitatively compare 2020xpo to other SNe IIn in the literature, then fit the pseudo-bolometric and multi-band light curve with magnetar spin-down, radioactive decay, and circumstellar material (CSM) interaction powering models for quantitative analysis of the powering mechanism behind SN 2020xpo. Through these methods, we conclude that this transient shows signs of being a transitional-type SN IIn with low CSM mass, apparently dominated by a magnetar spin-down powering mechanism in a bolometric sense.

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