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Physical Conditions and Metallicity of Local Star-Forming Galaxies

Presentation #105.07 in the session Molecular Clouds and the ISM — iPoster Session.

Published onJun 29, 2022
Physical Conditions and Metallicity of Local Star-Forming Galaxies

The analysis of optical spectra of nearby star-forming galaxies provides important clues about the physical processes and properties of the ionized gas in galaxies. However, observations of galaxies at different distances probe different physics scales, and how these scales effect derived properties is not well known. We, therefore, explored the impact of using different aperture sizes in optical observations in the analysis of the nebular properties in nearby galaxies. We analyzed the physical conditions and metallicity of 12 local star-forming galaxies selected from CLASSY UV/COS+optical/SDSS spectral atlas. By comparing Integral Field Unit (IFU), long-slit, and circular aperture optical spectra for a given galaxy, we explored the effects on the measured reddening, electron temperature (Te[O III] and Te[S III]), and metallicity. Our preliminary results show that the physical properties and metallicities calculated are consistent, implying a uniform mapping of the gas for the compact, UV-bright galaxies in the CLASSY sample.

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